The ERP that accompanies businesses throughout their growth

What is it?

Divalto infinity is a complete and customizable solution that integrates in a unique environment all the applicative domains and functions required to the management of a business.

Divalto infinity is involved in all levels of your business. It reduces costs (e.g. stock optimization, preparation, planning) and provides detailed analyses on your margins. No matter the scale on which your business operates, Divalto Infinity is the all-in-one management solution!

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The Divalto infinity ERP covers all of your business functions and integrates them in a unique environment: buying, selling, inventory, finance, CRM, production management, business, CMMS, quality, business intel, etc.


Divalto infinity offers functionalities and a user experience tailored to the needs of any type of business: retail, distribution, industry, service businesses, food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, maintenance, public work, etc.

The ERP interface is entirely customizable to the needs of every user in a given enterprise.


Divalto infinity integrates itself to the entirety of your information system : document management, office tools, phone services, messaging, E-commerce sites, mobile solutions, etc.

By doing so, it facilitates the exchange of information between services, optimizes the collaboration of teams working on a common project and extends the information system to the business partners (clients, distributors, etc.).

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Tools that are included


Contacts module : Efficiently manage all your business contacts

Production module : Plan your production processes

Power Search Engine : Research transversally and contextually with this powerful tool

Inventory management module : View, manage and purchase 

Finance module : Manage your finances with the traceability that Divalto offers

Scheduling module : Organize and modify your employees' schedules

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